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Second Growth Homes

[email protected]

Custom Home Design

For the Appropriate client - I will design/build a Custom Home in any size and level of finish.   

My parents are Yacht Shipwrights and High End Home Carpenters.  I was taught how to produce a high level of finish, at a very young age. 

For the right client - I will custom design and build a home, dedicating all of our resources for the duration of the project. 

We are traditional timber frame carpenters, as well as shipwrights.  I can design a home with Timber Frame Elements, and we can build Complete Traditional Timber Frame Homes.

Sterling C Chew - Designer/Builder - Second Growth Homes LLC

1-907-612-0364 - [email protected]

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When you need to have your home renovated or have a brand-new home constructed, contact us at Second Growth Homes in Juneau, Alaska. 

We build everything from small cabins, to large custom timber frame homes, in both modern and traditional styles.

We offer interior and exterior remodeling services, on all parts of your existing home.  Second Growth Homes focus is to provide high quality workmanship, on all aspects of home construction.

"I founded Second Growth Homes to provide high quality homes, built using environmentally friendly materials."

"By using locally harvested timber, I can provide a higher quality finished product, while producing jobs and adding to our local economy."   

Owner/Founder - Sterling C Chew