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Second Growth Homes

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We construct a variety of furniture and finish items out of local Second Growth Spruce lumber. 

These items are a wonderful compliment to your Second Growth Spruce Cabin. 

We install full operating systems into our Second Growth Spruce Cabins.  

We offer Solar Power, Wind Power, and Micro Hydro power generation options.   These clean energy items make cabins easy, and comfortable to use. 

Built Anywhere

Logging, Land Clearing, Site Work, Drainage, Sewer, We Do It All. 

We even craft our homes out of Timber that we selectively cut ourselves from Second Growth Spruce Stands. 

Each home is built  using sustainable Second Growth Spruce timber harvested locally from the Tongass National Forest. 

 Second Growth Homes handling of each step of the process from Trees and Raw Land, to a Finished and operational home, allows to to always ensure we are providing the highest quality product available. 

Thank You 

Sterling C Chew

Second Growth Homes

Our Recent Work

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